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Principal Exams is the only UK provider of sessions carefully tailored to increase the pass rate in GCSE Mathematics in schools.

For over five years we have been visiting schools providing high quality courses and materials for both staff and students.

Principal Exams is run by Will Rigby, a former Chief Examiner, and currently a highly successful consultantwho specialises in helping schools improve their Maths pass rates especially at the C/D borderline.

By visiting schools, Will or a member of his highly skilled team, share their experience and expertise with both staff and students, improving skills and raising performance.


Principal Exams was founded by Shaun Procter-Green.  Shaun now works full-time with the country's largest examination board.

What do we do?

We will come to your school and talk directly to your students.  We bring the course to you. This also means that all students and all members of staff can benefit from on-site training and have the opportunity to ask the expert questions.

We offer half and full days that can be designed to suit your school's particular needs. We visit you which means no supply or travel expenses. This is one reason why our visits are excellent value for money.

Who are the sessions for?

Any school who wants expert input to boost their maths exam results.

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